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Mobile and Voice Banking

Account access anywhere, anytime!

Chadron FCU offers both mobile and voice banking options for member convenience. Each option is designed to allow members access to their accounts anywhere they may travel and have full control of their funds.

Chadron FCU Mobile App

Chadron FCU Mobile App allows members to access their Online Banking account via mobile device. Visit the app store on your mobile device and search for Chadron FCU. Once the app is downloaded, you will have the ability to control your finances anywhere you may travel.

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Features of Chadron FCU Mobile App

The app will automatically open to the Home page. The menu across the bottom of your screen allows for easy navigation between the app's different functions. Once you select an option, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials*.

Home - Gives you a list of generic information.

Accounts - Provides you with a mobile view of Online Banking. You may view account balances, recent transactions, and ACH deposits. You will need to click on individual accounts to see all available options for that account. You can also see any pending ACH deposits.

Deposit - Allows you to deposit checks from anywhere straight to your account! Registration is required before you may deposit checks. Click on the registration option, enter all required information, and start depositing checks! Please remember to properly endorse the check with your signature and "For Remote Deposit Only." Use the following options to lean more!

Move Money - Gives you access to multiple money transfer options. You can transfer money to other accounts, schedule transfers, or access the Bill Pay system. 

More - Allows you to set up eStatements, text banking, message the office, apply for a new loan or maintenance any ACH deposits. 

You may also find a small person icon in the top right of your phone screen. This option allows you access to jump between other membership accounts you own, change personal information, access the message center, and maintenance any account notifications. 

*Need to set up your Online Banking account? Visit the home page, or download the mobile app, and follow the steps to set up your online banking account! Remember, you'll need your membership number and the last 4 of your Social Security Number.

MobiMoney Access

Register your Chadron FCU debit card** and start receiving updates whenever your card is used! MobiMoney gives you a notification on your smart phone every time you card is used. You may use the app to check balances, set notification preferences, report fraud, and turn off your debit card. This app is a great way to keep track of all those automatic payments taken off your debit card, or simply monitor your debit card transactions. Search your app store for "MobiMoney" and download!

Features of MobiMoney App

Manage your debit card - More than one card can be managed from the app. View balances, purchasing limits, turn the card off, and all transactions from the card.

Report Fraud - Notice a transaction you did not authorize? Find that transaction in the transaction list and select "Fraud, Lock Card" option. A notification will be sent to our fraud team. You will receive a phone call or text from our fraud team to walk you through the reporting process.

Finding Money Pass ATMs - Chadron FCU is part of the MoneyPass Network. You can use any ATM that participates in the MoneyPass Network without foreign ATM fees! Use the "Find Us" option in the menu to find the nearest MoneyPass ATM.

Phone/Voice Banking

Phone/Voice Banking allows members to call a number and receive basic information regarding their account. Basic information includes account balances, recent transactions, and cleared checks. Other information is also available. 

Phone number: 1-833-641-1153

First time users: You will need your membership number and your personal identification number (PIN). For first time callers, use the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number as you PIN. You will then be prompted to choose a new PIN. 

Checking account balances: When checking account balances, you will have the option to hear all account balances or just specific accounts. To select a specific account, you will need to know the 3 digit suffix number. Generally, savings account suffixes are 000 and checking account suffixes are 100. You may want to contact the office to verify your account suffixes if you have multiple accounts. 

** Do not have a debit card? Contact the office to find out how you can get one today!